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Parent Summit Fall 2011 Recap

August 30, 2011

ParentSummitFall2011RecapSpeaking Their Language” hosted by Pastors Keith and Sheila Craft with Featured Speakers Fred and Anna Kendall from the Life Languages Institute.

Nothing marks the passage of time as much as watching our kids grow up. Stopping the clock is not an option. Are you making the most of your time with your kids? Are you spending time teaching Biblical truths and values to prepare them for a lifetime in Christ?

CLICK HERE to watch the video and learn more.


2010 Multiply The Dream Recap

January 4, 2011

Multiply The Dream 2010. Partner With Us and MULTIPY THE DREAM! Since the beginning of time, God has had a DREAM! His Kingdom “Dream is to establish HIS CHURCH!” God is looking for those whom He Can flow through, that will become Kingdom Builders, Centurians, and part of the Army of Believers to MULTIPLY THE DREAM!