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Get RIDICULOUS Series Downloads

October 6, 2011

Download Keith Craft  Ridiculous Series LifeSource Bookstore The Keith Craft RIDICULOUS Series is available for audio download at LifeSource Bookstore Online.

You will never live in the Ridiculous if:

  • Normal is ok with you
  • The desire to fit in is stronger than your desire to make a difference
  • You want your life to be risk free
  • You want to stay right where you are forever
  • You are scared of what other people might think
  • Reaching your God given potential just seems to hard

When you live in the Ridiculous you open the doors for the Miraculous!
Ridiculous belief opens the door for Miraculous relief.
Ridiculous mercy opens the door for Miraculous elevation.
Ridiculous seeds opens the door for Miraculous deeds.
Ridiculous Circumstance opens the doors for God’s Miraculous Happenstance.
Ridiculous Relationships open the doors for Miraculous Elevation.

Download this series today – GET RIDICULOUS!


Download “Fight The Good Fight” Message Audio

August 2, 2011

Fight The Good Fight Download at LifeSourceDownload the latest AT THE MOVIES Series Message – “Fight The Good Fight” from Pastor Josh Craft. 

Who do we serve?  What do we have to flee to fight the good fight?  CLICK HERE to download the audio message and learn how to Fight The Good Fight!

Download the ELEVEN Series

June 9, 2011

Eleven Series Download the ELEVEN series from Keith Craft at LifeSource Bookstore.   CLICK HERE

ACTS Series MP3 Downloads

June 3, 2011

ACTS Series MP3 DownloadsDownload the ACTS Series Messages from Keith Craft at LifeSource Bookstore Online.

ELEVEN Series Downloads at LifeSource Bookstore

May 17, 2011
ELEVEN Series at LifeSource Bookstore

ELEVEN Series at LifeSource Bookstore

Download the latest message at LIFESOURCE BOOKSTORE Online from Pastor Keith’s ELEVEN Series!

05.15.11 ELEVEN: The Call to Become – MP3 DOWNLOAD
1.We are called to Become like a Tree.
2. We are called to Become Mighty
3. We are called to Become a Shepherd and a Stone.

CLICK HERE to visit LifeSource Bookstore Online

LifeSource Bookstore Online

May 6, 2011
LifeSource Bookstore

LifeSource Bookstore

LifeSource Bookstore Online is YOUR SOURCE for Pastor Keith’s Message Series, Conferences, Events, 24Worship Music and More!

Visit us online today at and resource yourself to the next level!

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Download the LOVE Series from Pastor Keith

April 1, 2011
LOVE Series Downloads

LOVE Series Downloads

Download the LOVE Series at LIFESOURCE Bookstore Online.

Part 1 – The Love-Driven Life: Live according to God’s form of government: Loveocracy.
Part 2 – The Love-Driven Life: Know where the love is.  My Need…His Supply.  My Sin…His Mercy.  My Seed…His Increase.
Part 3 – The Love-Driven Life: Live according to God’s form of government: Loveocracy.  Know where the love is.  Love First.
Part 4 – The Love-Driven Life:  Move with Compassion.  How to Move with Compassion – Think AIM, not same.  Attention…to what needs attention  Initiate…what needs to happen  Make…what is possible, possible
Part 5 – The Love-Driven Life: The Kingdom of God operates by a“Love-ocracy”.  Love God.  Love yourself.  Love others.

CLICK HERE to download the series at LIFESOURCE Bookstore Online.

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March 23, 2011

Shop LifeSource on FacebookResource Yourself To The Next Level via Facebook! LIFESOURCE online bookstore is your resource for Elevate Life Church & Keith Craft cds, dvds, books and digital downloads.

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Shop LifeSource Bookstore Online At Facebook

March 1, 2011
LifeSource Online At Facebook

LifeSource Online At Facebook

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The Latest Series are available: Heart Series and Acts Series.


Order or Download The UNSTOPPABLE Series

August 13, 2010

Learn how to transform into an Unstoppable force with this five part series from Pastor Keith Craft and Elevate Life Church.

1) Unstoppable Integrity – Learn how to have integrity in your private, personal, professional and public life.
2) Unstoppable Courage – The Think, Be and Do of Courage
3) Unstoppable Increase – How to experience increase in an unrelenting recession
4) Unstoppable Influence – The Heart of David and the Wisdom of Solomon, a special Father’s Day message featuring Pastor Keith and his son Josh.
5) Unstoppable Church – Three choices that make the church Unstoppable