Welcome to Elevate Life Church’s Events Blog! We are excited that you want to learn more about what God is doing through our church in Frisco, and the world. ELC is a non-denominational church founded in January of 2000 with a focus on leadership. We are confident that ELC is more than just a place to go on the weekend to get good teaching, but it is a place where people are loved, by God and others, where people can develop beneficial lifelong relationships with people that seek to be great for God. People are loved, and they are taught to love by the example of our many wonderful servant-leaders, and the healthy and stable relationships they develop.
We also believe that the principles taught at ELC will not only apply to your relationship with Jesus Christ, but in your personal and professional life as well. You will learn how to become a better leader no matter what position you hold; because after all, “methods are many principles are few, methods always change, but principles never do.” (Keith Craft, Leadershipology.com)We don’t believe that religion or tradition changes people, but true interaction with God, and with His principles creates lasting.
At ELC, we believe that God wants us to be leaders who are developed to become Christ followers and are deployed to lead in all walks of life with a Biblical worldview. We do not believe in the word “volunteer,” we believe that God has called us to be much more than volunteers. We are called to be Servant-Leaders in His Kingdom, who, by our service to God, are empowered to serve greatly, so that we can lead greatly.

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