Keith Craft Brought Back To Life

Dallas Morning News Keith Craft

Dallas Morning News Article - November 1960

Excerpt from the DALLAS MORNING NEWS – November 1960:

Many Will Give Special Thanks
by Sue Connally

There are many other individual reasons to give an especial thanks this year of 1960.

…the 10 month-old son of a Dallas police officer was saved by 2 fireman using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after the child apparently had suffocated in a plastic garment bag.

The thankful grandmother said then, “Our doctor says it was only a miracle that we still have the baby.  God was surely beside us.”

The child, Keith Allan Craft, son of Police Identification Officer James M. Craft, had somehow pulled the plastic dress bag over himself. When he was found by his grandmother, Mrs. Fred Ferguson, he was already blue.  She called for help and was waiting at the curb of the Craft home at 4416 West Clarendon with the baby when fireman E. R. Coffman pulled up.   He tried using an inhalator and when that failed, he asked permission to use the mouth-to-mouth method. After a few minutes, the child started breathing again.


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