AT THE MOVIES Series This Weekend

At The Movies Trailer

At The Movies Trailer

Elevate Life Church presents an Original Series: An Elite Team has a Mission to Restore the Balance, Rescue the Characters, Save Their Films and Bring Them Back…AT THE MOVIES!

Don’t Miss It!  Join Us Saturday July 23rd at 6:00pm and Sunday July 24th at 9:00am and 11:00am.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer.

Out Of Town or Unable To Attend In Person? Watch Live:

CALL 866.708.1452 for Technical Support


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One Response to “AT THE MOVIES Series This Weekend”

  1. Lora Rolling Says:

    Hi! I went to the 11 am service and was completely moved. As I heard her words, which came so obviously strained, describing the time when she found herself violated, I felt my first tear fall. I always cry during the services, when something touches me deep in my soul. But this time, I couldn’t stop. I kept waiting for her to thank God for putting this trial in her life. I know she struggled with it. And I know that Keith and Sheila did too, as well as the rest of Keela’s family and friends. But I wanted her to know that she is stronger today because of that incident. Each time something happens in my life that is painful, after the initial shock and tears, I remind myself that God has put this in my way as a lesson. And people have asked me how I got through it, but I so often tell them that eventually I find myself feeling grateful. Because whatever happens in my life, or yours, there comes strength for having endured it. And that is why God put it in your life. So, I wanted to thank Keela and Keith for sharing that story. It made me more aware of how real the leaders of Elevate Life Church are. 🙂

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