Key Guests for the 2011 Warrior Women Conference

We are so excited about the Key Guests: Keith & Sheila Craft, Christine Caine and Priscilla Shirer, who will join us for our 2011 Warrior Women Conference happening April 7th – 9th at Elevate Life Church in Frisco, TX.  CLICK HERE to register online and read more about our Guests below.

Keith Craft’s personal Mission Statement is to be a loving leader, motivator and mentor. During the past 20 years, Keith has traveled extensively throughout the United States as a motivational speaker. As president of a non-profit corporation, he has shared the platform with former presidents and world leaders, such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, Michael Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher. His life passion is to equip leaders to effectuate positive change in a changing world. Keith is married to his high school sweetheart, Sheila, and they have 3 beautiful children. CLICK HERE to read more.

Pastor Sheila has always had a great love for children. Before co-founding Elevate Life Church, she was an elementary school teacher, and she understands greatly the need for children’s potential to be discovered, developed, and deployed so that they can realize the future God has for them. Pastor Sheila serves as the Executive Children’s Ministry Director, providing leadership and pastoral oversight for the entire children’s ministry of ELC. She is also the Director of Women’s Ministries, and in this role inspires the transformation that takes place in the women of Elevate Life Church. CLICK HERE to read more.

A sought after speaker around the world, Christine Caine is passionate about the God life and seeing the local Church flourish across the earth. She is gifted communicator with a heart for reaching the lost and helping people unlock their God-given potential. Christine is known for her “tell-it-like-it-is,” passionate, (and often humorous) way of communicating profound messages of hope and inspiration. Her message is impacting the lives of leaders, women, youth, the wider church and the unchurched across all continents. CLICK HERE to visit her website and read more.

Priscilla Shirer is a BIBLE teacher. Through the expository teaching of the Word of God to women, her desire is to see women not only know the uncompromising truths of Scripture intellectually but experience them practically by the power of the Holy Spirit. She is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, with a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. She has been a conference speaker for major corporations, organizations, and Christian audiences across the United States and the world. CLICK HERE to visit her website and read more.


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