January 2011 Building Update

Our job is to Believe…God’s job is to do the Impossible! But we must take action and take action now. God has given us a great vision, and we can participate in that vision in 2011 like we never have before! Ephesians 4:16 says that every joint supplies to the Body of Christ and I believe that we can all do something.

Elevate Life Church is so much more than bricks, mortar, stone, and beautiful buildings. It is about people connecting with God in an atmosphere of Transformation. ELC and the Cathedral of Frisco will be a place where the broken are restored, the captive are set free, marriages are mended, the hurting are healed and our Mission will be accomplished to Elevate Jesus, Equip Families, and Empower Leaders! How exciting is that?

Let’s help each other to build God a GREAT HOUSE to honor him, and help us to build a GREAT HOME for His people, YOU! Have faith and believe! Be a part of something extraordinary that is all for GOD! Thank you for participating with us in growing and sowing the vision of God in the earth.

Begin Giving and Get More Info at http://build.elevatelife.com

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