Frisco church plans charter school

Frisco church plans charter school 

12:00 AM CST on Monday, January 11, 2010

Diane Rado

Elevate Life Church in Frisco could become home to a new charter school for students in grades kindergarten to 12.

Church officials announced Sunday that a nonprofit group has launched an effort to create “Leadership Prep School,” a charter school that would be on church grounds and could begin operating in 2011.

The group must apply to the state, hold community meetings and meet other requirements to get approved, said Mark Renfro, one of the organizers.

First-year enrollment would likely be limited to kindergarten through second grade, but as the number of grades expands, enrollment could grow to include hundreds of students, Renfro said.

Charter schools are public schools that operate with fewer bureaucratic rules than traditional public schools have, giving educators leeway to experiment with teaching techniques, daily schedules, school hours and other practices.

Diane Rad


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